I am a single mom looking to grow my family through adoption.  My family consists of myself, my six year old daughter, a few pets, and a large diverse extended family.  My daughter and I love crafting, cooking, dancing, music, being outside, running, hiking, swimming, and any other adventure you can name!  

I've always wanted to have a large family and my daughter would love a sibling (or more).  We are homestudy approved in Washington State, we are open to any gender, any race, and all ages 2 and under.  We are interested in both open and closed adoptions, but would love to keep an open relationship with birth parents.

My hope is that the love I have to share radiates out of these pages.  I want to sincerely thank you for taking your time to look through my website and learn a little bit about my family!  

Most importantly, I wish you all the best in making this difficult decision.  I wish peace for you at this time, and want you to know that I acknowledge how difficult this decision is for you to make.